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Nadine Lee is an artist with more to her than meets the eye. Nadine has a deepness to her music which triggers emotional connectivity and honesty. In a word Nadine Lee is ‘REAL’.

Nadine is a drummer, bass player and singer/songwriter in that order and gives 100% to every performance no matter where it is.

The range of artists & composers Nadine has worked alongside is a reflection of her professionalism within the music industry.
Artists include: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Annie Lennox, Stephen Warbeck, Jack Thorne, Cece Winans (USA recording artist), Ekklesia (UK recording artist), London Community Gospel Choir, Lamar, Jamilia, Bryan McFaden, Katie Mueller, P Diddy etc…

For Nadine music is not just a beat, rhythm or melody it’s the window to her soul, so you could say, the truth always comes out.