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Special, special
Special, special
Special, special
Special, special

Your hair, your smile undeniable
Your mind, your words uncontainable.
These words to me unbelievable,
Till I realised that I’m special

Pre Chorus
Check me, New Things
All that and more
Not what I’ve seen
That’s all been done before
Big heart, big mind
Ignore all the bad vibes
It doesn’t matter what they think about you
It what you think about yourself

Special, special
Im more than what you think of me
Special, special
Got so much love individuality
Special, special
I am what I am yeah
Special, special
Made for love incredibly


I will try to be a better man
and live my life and understand
Everything I have was given for a reason

I will take my time and realise
My purpose is beyond my eyes
Everything was given to me for a reason

I feel better now
Better now than I’ve ever been
Better now
Better than before


And when I wake to the riding sun
I know that Gods work is done
I know it’s for life not for a season

Now when the rain comes to wash out my soul
I know you can feel my flow
Your the joy that I’ve been waiting for



Part 1 – I’m better now

Part 2 – Better now

Part 3 – Don’t care what the say I’m better now




Song Description

The song is all about the rejection I felt from my father.  It’s the first time I’ve really put my feelings about this out there.

The lyrics go through an emotional rollercoaster.


Verse 1

I survived all my pain

Now I know I was meant to be

I’m no mistake, I’ve got a future

Doesn’t matter if you don’t love me

Pre chorus

I’m a survivor

It’s gonna get better

Believe in myself now

I know where strengths from

Taking the time to learn from my past

Is making stronger

I will survive


I am unfinished

I’m far from perfect

I’ve felt rejected

Sometimes not worth it

My change keeps coming

Tired of waiting

I am unfinished

Please take the pain away

Verse 2

I’ve got nothing to prove

To no woman, boy man or girl

Missed my target for too long

I will survive

Pre chorus

Double Chorus

Pre chorus